Let’s redefine logistics & become the partner of choice for each other.

As a socially responsible business, we are aware of the hazardous impacts of our operations on the environment. Keeping in view the issues like global warming and climate adversity depreciating the quality of life, LEEDS Logistics aims to be the leader in demonstrating environmental stewardship by meeting our social responsibilities.

Our sustainability mindset believes in bringing forth an advanced level of transport efficiency by lowering emissions and their impact on the environment. The sustainability-driven system means we have an environment-friendly approach from road management to trucking models and reaching out to similar mechanisms to increase the efficiency and significant value-addition in the industry.

To make it viable, the first thing we decided is to set our sustainability goals, with designing of well-planned and strategic routes to ensure the adroit utilization in order to mitigate the emissions which pollute the environment by:

Eco-friendly shipment options.

Designing the novel strategies & transforming the mechanisms that can give due care for the society, environment by lessening the impact of the operational tasks.

Strategic fleet & supply chain management.

Developing a coordinated network of our facilities and intermediate depots across the country that helps us to develop green and optimal routing within the time window. This maximizes our efficiency and minimizes energy usage.

We aim to lower our ecological footprint, such as CO2 emissions, noise pollution, and accidents. By doing this, we are taking a pledge for creating a harmonious balance between fiscal advancement, environment care, health and of course, delivering your shipments efficiently to the right destination.