LEEDS Logistics Ptv Ltd. is a trusted supply chain solution provider for your business, known for its bespoke customer-driven approach. Our coherent supply chain management, transparency, and integrated safe operations make us a modern partner of choice by smart businesses, who avail of our one-stop-solution services, enhancing B2B and B2C transactions. We have incorporated a digital and sustainability-inclined fleet management system that provides real-time monitoring 24/7. Our strong infrastructure, green business model, and passion to better ourselves, gives us an edge in the market. Our operations and supply chain management are led by competent industry professionals who ensure personalized customer services and smooth fleet management with the fastest deliveries right on time.

LEEDS Logistics Pvt Ltd. is a part of AJ Holdings. Other key subsidiaries under this Holding Company are US Apparel & Textiles, US Denim Mills, US & Dynamo, Stylers & Footwear.